Saturday, August 1, 2015

Companion Fruit - What Goes Well with Salmon?

Fruits add a refreshing contrast in flavour and texture, use them as a juice, a marinade, or a pickling medium, or simply as a condiment.


For many, the lemon's acidity and sharp flavour is all a salmon ever needs. A classic.
Suits: whole, filleted or portioned salmon
Tip: use in parsley, lemon and parmesan crusted fresh salmon fillet


For a change, try lime instead of a lemon and enjoy its fresh light aroma and more complex flavour.
Suits: whole, filleted or portioned salmon
Tip: use in baked with lime, chilli and coconut milk


A cross between true lemons and the Meyer lemon, the lemonade fruit is sweeter and less acidic thanks to an infusion of orange in its development.
Suits: whole, filleted or portioned salmon
Tip: will enhance chilli based recipes and its zest mixes well with honey. Try in a honey and mustard glaze


Mango's sweet flavour and soft flesh blend well with the natural salmon flavour and cooked texture.
Suits: whole, filleted or portioned salmon
Tip: try BBQ salmon with mango salsa, red onion, tomato, olive oil, salt and pepper, lime juice, and fresh coriander


The sweet flavour adds a delicious contrast to an earthy, smokey salmon.
Suits: cold-smoked salmon
Tip: use in dip


Pear's sweet flavour and crunchy texture adds a delicious contrast without being overpowering.
Suits: hot-smoked salmon
Tip: try thinly sliced packham pears with hot-smoked salmon on water crackers with cream cheese

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